Frequently Asked Questions:

Why the Latin Mass?  "The Traditional Latin Mass (1962 Missal) is a venerable Mass with a 1650 year heritage dating back to the reign of Pope Damasus in the 4th century.  The Latin language reverses the punishment of theTower of Babel, giving the Catholic Church a true universal bond that transcends language barriers.  The orientation of the priest and faithful, hopefully facing East in anticipation of the Second Coming, toward God in the tabernacle highlights the principle act at the Holy Sacrifice; adoration of the Holy Trinity.  The rubrics dictate a greater fusion of mind, soul, and body to better communicate and reinforce the whole of Catholic doctrine."  Rev. Fr. Donald Kloster

Why Latin?  Latin is important because it doesn't change.  There is no translation to lose things and it reunites us...It gives us a common language that is universal.

Why the silence in the Mass?  In our busy world, we need that silence.  The silence is at the heart of the Mass.  It is the presence of God...Moses fell silent in the presence of God.  Elijah recognized God in the silence of the whisper of the wind in the silent breeze...As human beings, our hearts are easily distracted and the only way we can focus is to have periods of silence and that includes outside of Mass.  We need to have periods of contemplation...

On the aspect of the priest facing God...Why does the priest turn his back to the people?  You don't tell the person in front of you that they have their back to you.  You realize that you are all facing one direction.  For the ancient church it was very important to face east... Prior to 1900, almost every Catholic Church was built facing east...The early church saw it as facing east because that is the direction from which Christ will come in the second coming...everybody was facing east during the Holy Sacrifice...Pope Benedict is very poignant about this point when he says that when the priest faces the people, the circle is closed; a very unfortunate aspect.  When the priest is facing God, facing  east with the people that the circle is open to eternity and to all other Christians. 

Why do women wear a dress and a veil?  One of most important things we do as Catholics is to give God our best...St. Francis said "Poverty in all things except those that pertain to the adornment of the Church."  When you go into a Church you are participating in the adornment of the Church.  You have to give your best.  You shouldn't be wearing what you normally wear every day on the street.  You should have something for God.  The scriptures are very clear about wearing a wedding garment to the nuptials...and the wedding garment is a symbol of the fact that we are putting on our best to be in God's presence...and the veil for women is as the scriptures tell us, it is a sign of submission to authority...this is a symbol that they are submitting themselves to Christ...we would never think that Mary would enter the temple without a head covering and she is the example for how women should act... The greatest Christian was a woman, Mary, and she is the greatest example.


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